Growing up in the “legendary” town of Muskogee, Oklahoma, you could say that Free Kennedy was destined to pursue a career in country music. From an early age, Kennedy started learning to sing and play guitar, with great support from both his mother and father, who also happened to be a guitarist. From his parent's vast record collection, Kennedy began listening to and learning from Johnny Cash, James Taylor, Steven Curtis Chapman and The Eagles. “I really started getting attention from girls and that was my initial drive to keep playing and performing,” Kennedy laughs. “As I got older though, I really began to truly love making music and performing live, and I finally realized I had to give it a serious shot as a career,” Kennedy says.

As a father of two, Kennedy needed a way to continue pursuing his music career while helping to provide for his children. Fortunately, through radio DJ, friend and fan "Lightning" Lou Kelly, Free was able to land a job as a country radio DJ at Lakes Country 102.1 in the local Muskogee area to apply his knowledge and skills as a music artist and entertainer. Being a country radio DJ has allowed Free to pursue his career as a country music artist and continue to provide for his children. Free has begun working with several impressed Nashville music business executives to further his career in music, including recording new music and building a fan base.

Providing for his children and being a great father while having a career as a country music artist is important to Free. This is no more apparent in Free's song "That's Where You'll Find Me". The song's message about always being there for someone no matter what spoke immediately to Free. "Like every parent out there, I want to always be there for my kids and support them no matter what," says Free. "This song spoke to me on many levels but I immediately thought of the way I feel about my kids. The song also expresses the way I feel about my fans. As an artist I also want to always make my music fans happy." Providing for his kids and his fans, that's where you'll find Free Kennedy.